Update 1/31/2017



It has been a long time since we have updated our site and that has been for good reason. We have been working on a number of things behind the scenes. First of all we currently aren't developing any games at the moment but that may or may not change in the near future. 


Lets start with a bit of background on our company. The seed for this company started back in 2008, Over the course of two years The core group that founded this company brainstormed till they had a viable idea. It was with that idea that they marched forward with. The hard part in getting this business going was the direction that the company would take. One founder thought it should be for profit, and the other founder thought it should be about free games to entertain people. When the dust settled and a decision was finally made it was to be a free or mostly free gaming development company. This has meant some hardships over the years and some very impracticable planing for our development cycle.


We haven't released a game since 2014 and even then that game was a mediocre game. So the big question is what are we actually doing. Well one of the founders went off to start another non-profit project. However, before he could get that project off the ground or come back to this project he died in a car crash in Dec. 16 2016. We had a few artist and coders, but they went on to other projects. Where does that leave us now? Well There is good news and bad news on that front. Lets start with the good news we will be releasing Our current library of games for free on our site and even offering some source code for aspiring developers to take advantage of. In the future we will continue to develop games and release info about projects we are working on. The bad news we are going to be a skeleton of what we were so most projects and even development will be slow going.


So to keep in line with our goals we will start releasing some content and videos and try to be more forthcoming with our projects. We don't want to nail down a time frame for our back catalog release but hopefully soon.


So we will start from our first collaborated game Zuesy's Lab Adventure and work our way forward with free releases. The games themselves might be small or limited for releases. We will also talk about some our concepts and scrapped projects that we have done along the way. It will be exciting to start releasing new and old content for our customers and visitors of this site. 

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